Saddle Pads

My primary focus throughout my 40 year career has been to make the best possible product for both horse and rider using traditional, time tested materials and workmanship.

It has been a career long struggle for me to make sure all of my hard work and focus is not destroyed when my customers unknowingly use pads that are too thick, too hard, made with synthetic materials or rely on gimmicks rather than proper saddle fit.

I am very happy to have finally found a saddle pad that, in my opinion, is probably the best on the market right now that I can confidently recommend be put under one of my saddles.  It has all of the properties I have been looking for - natural material, softness, heat dispersing and moisture wicking.

Before I decided to promote these pads, I purchases 2 pads to give to 2 serious horsemen who ride my saddles every day to test for one month. Both were pleased with how the pads performed and stayed put on lots of different backs.  Both riders were given the 3/4" 32 x 32, standard wither option.  If your saddle fits the horse, you don't need an overly thick pad.  In my experience people tend to use a thicker pad than necessary.  These pads are very supple and soft enough to absorb the pressure of the saddle and rider.  The 1" pad will be slightly firmer than the 3/4".

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