Miles Kingdon

I have known Miles for over 35 years. He has worked on some of the biggest Ranches in the Canadian West.....Now Miles is sharing his knowledge of horses and horsemanship with his students at workshops he holds throughout Western Canada. I have been honoured to have made him several saddles over the years, but more importantly I am proud to call him a friend.

Miles and I have come up with two saddle designs that we think will meet the needs of most riders. A classic 3B Tree reminiscent of the California Vaquaro style and a Modern Wade Tree that is synonymous with the modern day Ranch Cowboy.

Miles and John have made the difficult decisions for you. All we need from you is:

  1. Your height/weight and inseam (to determine your seat and fender lengths).
  2. Description or photos of the horses your ride
  3. How fancy you want to go? Some options are: carving, stamping, silver, inlaid padded seat, bucking rolls etc.


The 3B This tree fits a horse similar to a wade but with a smaller metal horn for riders who don't need a big wood post.

The Miles Kingdon 3B Features:
The Miles Kingdon 3B3 1/4” or 3 1/2” tall horn, cast bronze horn
Buckaroo Cantle 4 1/2” x 12” with a Straight Up and Pinked Cantle Binding
Flat Plate, Single or Double Rigged
Wyoming 1/2 Double Stirrup Leathers
Round Skirts
Optional: Oregon Crossover Rope Strap, Hobble Keeper


The Wade This tree sits low and close to your horses wither to reduce the strain on your horse when roping. This tree was Miles' 'go to' tree for all round ranch work for over 35 years.


Miles Kingdon Wade Features:
The Miles Kingdon 3B3 1/2” tall x 4” Round Cap Wood Post Horn
Buckaroo Cantle 4 1/2” x 12” with a Straight Up and Pinked Cantle Binding
Flat Plate, Double Rigged
Wyoming 1/2 Double Stirrup Leathers
Round Skirts
Swell Guard, Oregon Crossover Rope Strap
Hobble Keeper





Miles Kingdon was born in Saskatchewan, and grew up on a mixed farm w/cattle, horses and crops. He got his first paid riding job at the age of 16, riding for the PFR outfits in the vast open prairies of Saskatchewan. A hunger to cowboy on the big outfits of BC drew him out west to the massive cattle empire of Douglas Lake Cattle Company at the ripe old age of 19…Typical of all the ‘big outfit cowboys’, Miles rode for a number of the big outfits, from Douglas Lake to Nicola Ranch, to the Bar K, eventually managing Empire Valley Ranch and becoming Cowboss at the mighty Gang Ranch. He was also Cowboss for over 10 years at Quilchena Cattle Company, until it was sold to Douglas Lake Ranch in January of 2014….hence a transition from the big-outfits to another career of passing on knowledge...

This hard-earned knowledge, gained from making a living horseback for some 40+ years, has given Miles a unique perspective and deep understanding of horses, cattle and the land. He has earned the reputation of being one of the top horsemen and stockmen in Canada, being inducted into the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2017. Miles has put this knowledge to work instructing others; those who also make a living ahorseback, and those who just want to improve their horsemanship. He uses time-honoured techniques and methods passed down for generations known as the ‘Californio’ style of horsemanship, riding the horse from the hackamore to the bridled stock horse.

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