Quality workmanship since 1983.

John has been a custom saddlemaker for over 30 years. He has created a name for himself among working cowboys as well as discerning horse people as a maker of quality saddles and is respected for his fine leather tooling abilities. Along with his custom saddle work, John has made saddles for Dale Harwood of Shelley, Idaho, Big Bend Saddlery of Alpine, Texas and Hamleys of Pendelton, Oregon. John's saddles are made using only the finest materials available and are built to last with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

Pricing: Our current base price is $5000. Contact us for a detailed quote on any saddles you see or if you have an idea of your own.

Terms: To get on our waiting list, we ask for a $250 deposit (nonrefundable) which secures your space in line (but not the base price). 6 Months before your space comes up we'll go through your order with you and find out what you want so we can plan our schedule. At this time we'll ask for 35% of the saddles' total value. The balance is due before we ship your saddle. For example: On a $5000 saddle, $250 to hold space in line, 6 months before John starts saddle - $1750, balance of $3000 (plus freight and applicable taxes) due before we ship.

Classic Saddles

These photos may be older with the quality limited because they are scanned images, but in spite of this these saddles remain very popular with our customers, so we’ve decided to keep them on our site.


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